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PureAlchemy Design

Branded Environments. Dynamic Office Space Design.

From the very beginning, the philosophy was to creatively embrace a balanced and thoughtful approach to office space design, on how to make the most of any space with the unique qualities it already possesses.

The environment in which you work has a significant impact on productvity and health. Our mission is to bring our experience and expertise to your work place and have a positive impact so that you can you can have a better daily experience at work.

PureAlchemy Design is an award winning Commercial Space Interior Design Firm that is a great solution for clients wishing to create a distinctive experience in their space. Our approach is always sustainably minded from design inception to the human experience. We achieve results that are authentic to our clients by considering the overall quality of the environment, from lighting, workflow, and efficiency, to spatial and visual balance.

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“I am actually in disbelief that this amazing space she remodeled is where I get to spend my days helping others with their money. I trusted my gut in hiring her (in my wise old age I now listen to my gut) and am so glad I did. We nailed it. I was nervous about painting blue on the ceiling down one hallway. We are a financial services company, right? But Stephany understood my vision. I wanted a place that felt like a spa, but was professional, calming and a place that men and women could come and have help investing and get a financial plan.”

 Nicole MiddendorfCEO, Prosperwell Financial

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“I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Stephany as she designs best solution and branded environments for her clients. Her ability to deliver one-of-a-kind spaces really sets her apart in the field of commercial design.”

 Anna OlsonChannel Sales Manager

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“Stephany is a Rockstar! She spent the time to really listen and get a deep understanding of our needs and the vibe we wanted in our office remodel. She then blew us away with taking that understanding to another level of design and integration with our existing space that we couldn’t have imagined on our own.”

Mike Moroz, CEO, PresidentWalter’s Recycling and Refuse, Inc.

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“We used Stephany on a 12,000 sf office and lobby remodel project for Seachange Printing and Marketing Services in Plymouth. Stephany delivered an exceptionally fresh and innovative design. In addition to the design, Stephany managed the project and sub-contractors on site from start to finish and finished the project on time and on budget. I would highly recommend Stephany!”

Doug ArndtRealtor & Construction Consultant at C/RE Associates

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“I worked with Stephany on the design of my ASID Home project. She’s a consummate pro who brings a variety of academic disciplines to her work. Mostly, though, she is a gifted artist, able to use textures and colors to create extraordinary ambiances.”

Dan BuettnerFounder at Blue Zones


New Social Distancing office design options for COVID-19



Branded environment perspective…going beyond the logo on the wall.


Complete project management from start to finish. We handle it all.


Vetted contractors that have proper qualifications and years of experience.

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